A few people have asked us about the songs on our invitation CD, Gold Kiss Gala, so we figured it'd be appropriate to provide some liner notes...

1. Ida are from New York City. They've put out half a dozen wonderful albums; their own site is at idamusic.com. "This Must Be the Place" was played by Dan Littleton, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Karla Schickele; it was recorded by Warn Defever.

2. DQE are from Atlanta and have put out two albums on Dark Beloved Cloud. The band is Grace Braun (guitar, vocals), Dugan Trodglen (drums), and Brian Montero (bass). "Lulu Walls" was popularized by the Carter Family in 1935, though it was around in the U.S. by the 1880s. DQE's version was recorded live to 2-track by Jeff Bakos, 2/26/00, at the same session as their album The Queen of Mean.

3. Family Fodder are from... well, all over the place, but "England and France" about covers it. They've put out two albums on Dark Beloved Cloud. "Screen Kiss" was recorded sometime in the '90s by Alig Fodder with a couple of Italian guys. (When we know more, we'll correct this...)

4. Uncle Wiggly are more or less dormant right now; they've put out an album, a single and a few other things on Dark Beloved Cloud. "Goat Loader" was recorded in the late '80s by William Berger, James Kavoussi and Michael Anzalone.

5. Tara Needham is a Brooklyn singer/songwriter, formerly of the band Mad Planets. "The Leap" was recorded earlier this year.

6. The 'Mericans are Chris Daltry of Purple Ivy Shadows, who have put out an album on Dark Beloved Cloud and lots of great stuff elsewhere, too.

7. The Mountain Goats are John Darnielle, who lives in Iowa and publishes both the print and Web versions of Last Plane to Jakarta. "Un Rêve Plus Long Que la Nuit" was recorded on a cassette sometime in the '90s.

8. Fly Ashtray are more or less based in Brooklyn and have been around forever. They've put out two albums and some other things on Dark Beloved Cloud, among the rest of their extensive discography. "Bumbling Oof vs. Mr. Fancy Pants pt. 1" was recorded this year by the lineup of Chris Thomas, James Kavoussi, Dave Abel and Glen Luttman.

9. Sinistre never shows his true visage, playing in makeup or mask, and never gives standard interviews, though a stream of pre-conscious messages can be received in response to query: sinistre1111@hotmail.com.

10. Nothing Painted Blue are from California. Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes recorded "The Steak Place" in the mid-'90s for a never-released compilation (cough).

11. Chris Knox lives in Dunedin, New Zealand. He has an extensive discography on his own and with Tall Dwarfs, The Enemy and Toy Love, almost all on Flying Nun, though DBC was lucky enough to put out an album of his a while ago. "Not Wedding Lightly" is a newly recorded variation on his biggest hit, "Not Given Lightly," from 1989's Seizure.

12. pHoaming Edison is James Kavoussi, from New York City, whose name you may be getting to recognize by this point. He's put out three albums on DBC. On James' recording of "Sugar Mtn.," you can hear the construction that was going on outside his apartment.

13. Azalia Snail lives in California, though she used to be a New Yorker. She's put out three albums and a few other things on DBC. "Expecting to Fly" was recorded by Azalia and augmented at the Lyon Den with Dwayne Lyon.

14. Liz Bustamante lives in Brooklyn and plays in the band Spouse. She and Douglas played together long ago in a band variously known as Customer Service and Customer Service Representatives. She recorded "Giddy Clouds" earlier this year.

15. Jess Daniels lives in New York and used to play keyboards in Gerty Farish and drums in Chickita. "Douglas + Lisa [heart]" was recorded earlier this year.

16. Acção Total is Portugese for "total action"! Craig Flanagin (formerly of God Is My Co-Pilot) asked the Lower East Side-based band to come up with a dance for a wedding, and this is what they devised. They are: Craig Flanagin (guitar), Margarida Garcia (contrabass), Manuel Mota (guitar) and Michelle Dorvillier (contrabass). This is their first recording.

17. The Linger Effect is Kent Burt, from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. "Namesake" was recorded earlier this year.

18. Edie Blues Explosion Gidley is our cat. "Kitten on the Keys" was created without human intervention, except for in the editing stage. (Lisa had her Casio hooked up to her 4-track and left it unattended; Edie began wandering around the Casio, stepping on various rhythm and chord keys, and the result is what you hear. The unedited version is an epic 20 minutes.) Lisa also notes that no, Edie's not named after Edie Sedgwick (it just fit her better than "Priscilla," the name given her by her rescue organization), and her middle name comes from her habit of jumping around to Jon Spencer records in her kittenhood.

19. Robert Scott lives in Dunedin, New Zealand. He's a former member of the Magick Heads and a several-decade veteran of the Clean, both of whom have numerous records on Flying Nun and a couple of things on DBC. And he's in the Bats. And he's probably got half a dozen other bands he's not telling us about. "A Time to Be" was recorded early this year.

20. Saturday Looks Good to Me is Jodi Buonanno of the Secret Stars and Fred Thomas of Flashpapr. "Meet Me by the Water" was based on Jodi's image of the two of us standing together at Tonic in New York City.

A few other quick notes:

"Gold Kiss Gala: I'll Wed You" is an anagram of "Douglas Wolk : Lisa Gidley."

All the artwork is by Betts Wolk, Douglas's amazing paternal grandmother.

If you look under the white tray (beneath the CD), there's a special hidden piece of Betts artwork there.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this disc possible.